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We Do Uniforms Right

Michael's Uniform

About Us: Welcome to Michael’s Uniform Company! Michael’s Uniform Company has been in business since 1956, catering to companies nationwide. We help promote a professional image for your company at an affordable cost. Our uniform programs are designed to make the uniform purchasing process a much easier and fluent experience. Each program is designed specifically for your needs.

Our Mission: To provide superior quality products and customer service to any company looking to enhance their uniform needs.

Why Michaels? We are here to serve you. We want to give your company a professional look without sacrificing the comfort of your employees. Our goal is to make the method of ordering uniforms a simple process. We do uniforms right.

Packing By Each Employee

Uniforms are packed by each employee. We will bundle each employee with their name to make the hassle of distributing a more efficient process. Our goal is for you to be able to hand out the uniforms simply and effectively, rather than having to do the sorting yourself. We want to make the uniform buying experience as quick and easy as it can be. The more information we receive, the better we can serve you.

Easy Returns

At Michael’s Uniform Company, we provide easy returns for our customers. In each box we ship out, we include a return form. All you need to do is fill out the form and send us the form back with the garments within 30 days of when you originally received the item. We ask that before washing, you try on the garment(s) to make certain that each item fits to your satisfaction. We will either issue a credit for the garments returned or exchange the garments for another size or style.

Company Online Stores

We provide personal online stores for your company. With this we can provide username and passwords for each employee for them to buy their uniforms. Employers can create employee allowances to negate the possibility of employees overspending. The online store is customized specifically for your company, only including garments you want to offer to your employees. We can ship to either your company or directly to the employees’ front door.